Custom Object: My Submission

What is My Submission used for?

My Submission is used for Titan Web and Titan Form 2.0 to save submissions to Salesforce.

API Name


Page layout

My Submission Layout

Custom fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Element IDForm_Builder__ElementID__cText(255)Element ID in Salesforce
Error MessageForm_Builder__Error_Message__cText(255)If there is an error message, this field will push it
MySubmission NameNameAuto NumberAuto Number
Project IDForm_Builder__ProjectID__cText(255)Project ID in Titan
StatusForm_Builder__Status__cPicklistStatus of the Submission

Status can either read Success or Failed
TypeForm_Builder__Type__cPicklistType of Submission

The Type of Submission can either be Push, PowerTable, or Bulk Update

Hidden Title

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