Custom Object: Document Tracking

What does Document Tracking do?

Document Tracking tracks document progress. This object is used specifically for CLM.

API Name


Page layout

Document Tracking Layout

Custom Fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
ContentForm_Builder__Content__cLong Text Area(100000)Revisions for CLM
Document TrackingForm_Builder__Document_Tracking__cLookup(Document Tracking)Document Tracking Lookup
RevisionIDForm_Builder__RevisionID__cText(128)ID of Revision
StatusForm_Builder__Status__cPicklistStatus of Revision

Status is either Approved or Rejected
Titan Sign TrackingForm_Builder__Titan_Sign_Tracking__cLookup(Titan Sign Tracking)Titan Sign Tracking Lookup
TypeForm_Builder__Type__cPicklistType of Revision

The values for this picklist are Insertion or Deletion

Hidden Title

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