Custom Object: Docgen Log

What does Docgen Log do?

This object logs every document generated through Titan. You can view information such as document action type, generated by, document name, file type, and more.

API Name


Page Layout

Titan Docgen Log Layout

Custom fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Action TypeForm_Builder__Action_Type__cPicklistThe document action logged:

– View
– Generate
– Download
– Merge
– Interactive
Document NameForm_Builder__Document_Name__cText(255)The document name.
File Type Form_Builder__File_Type__cPicklistThe document file type:

Generated ByForm_Builder__Generated_By__cLookup(User)The ID of the user who generated the document.
IP AddressForm_Builder__IP_Address__cText(150)The IP Address of the document.
Is InteractiveForm_Builder__Is_Interactive__cCheckboxIndicates whether or not the document is interactive.
Project NameForm_Builder__Project_Name__cText(255)The associated project name of the document.
Project TypeForm_Builder__Project_Type__cPicklistValues:
– Web
– Flow
– Form
Template IDForm_Builder__Template_Id__cText(255)The document’s template ID.
Titan Project IdForm_Builder__Titan_Project_Id__cText(255)The Titan project ID of the document.

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