Button: Titan Sign Wizard

What does this Button Open?

This button will open the Titan Sign Wizard. Read this article to learn how to use Titan Sign Wizard as a Lightning Component.

How do you add this Button to an Object?

  1. Visit Setup, Object Manager and navigate to any object. Go to Buttons, Link, and Actions on the left-hand panel, and select New Button or Link:
New Button or Link
  1. Give your new Button and Label, Name, and Description. Select Detail Page Button and Content Source URL, and paste the URL: /apex/Form_Builder__TitanSignWizard?recId={!Account.Id}&lang=auto&wizardType=Sign:
New Button or Link details

The Account.Id is dynamic and depends on the record you choose to embed. The wizard type is Titan Sign. Titan has four wizard types: Sign, CLM, Doc, and Full.

  1. Delete the {!Account.Id } text and brackets. In its place select Insert Merge Field and the relevant ID for this object. Ensure there are no spaces.
Insert Merge Field
Insert Merge Field

Lang can be en (English), he (Hebrew), or auto, which detects the users automatic language.

  1. Select Save. This button will now open Titan Sign Wizard on the Alternative Payment Method Object. This button can be added to any standard or custom Salesforce object.

Add the button to your page layout

  1. On the Object Manager, select the Page Layouts option and then select the page layout name.
Page Layout
  1. Select the Mobile & Lightning Actions option. The button you added is displayed in the list.
Button in List
  1. Drag the button to Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions.
Button added to page
  1. Select the Save button and browse to a record in the object. The button will be added to the page.

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