Apex Class: DocSignVoidCtl

When to Use this Invocable Method?

You use this invocable method when you want to void a Titan Sign document from a Salesforce automation.

What are the Relevant Input Parameters?

This invocable method has the following input parameters:


Use this Invocable Method in a Flow

  1. Create a Salesforce Flow (if you are using a record-triggered flow then run it from an asynchronous path):
run a flow from an asynchronous path
Run a flow from an asynchronous path

Your flow will open:

Salesforce Flow
Salesforce Flow
  1. Choose to add a new action, and select DocSignVoidCtl:
Select the DocSignVoidCtl action
  1. Ensure you enter the recordID of your Titan Sign Document object:
Insert Titan Sign Document Record ID
Insert Titan Sign Document Record ID

What does this Invocable Method Return?

This invocable method returns List<String> results.

Does this Invocable Method have any Limitations?

An asynchronous path is required when running from a record-triggered flow.

Can this Invocable Method be used by Titan Customers?

Yes, customers can use this invocable method.

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