Install Form Titan Excel Add-in

Business Background

Use the Titan add-in for Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheet templates with access to Salesforce. You can create spreadsheets that can update Salesforce objects without logging in to Titan or Salesforce.

Titan Solution

Titan lets you create templates and spreadsheets with dynamic data from Salesforce directly in Microsoft Excel. Install the add-in in a few clicks with no code.

How to Video

  • 00:00 An introduction to installing Form Titan’s Excel Add-in.
  • 0:12 Insert Form Titan Add-in.
  • 0:38 Log into Form Titan Add-in.
  • 0:46 Working with the Form Titan Add-in.
  • 1:04 Check out the Preview tab in the Form Titan Add-in.

How to Guide

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Under Insert, select the Get Add-ins option. The Office Add-ins screen opens.
  3. Search for Titan in the search field and select the Form Titan option.
Microsoft Excel ribbon
Microsoft Excel ribbon
  1. Select the Add button. You must agree to the provider’s license terms and privacy policy.
Titan for Excel
Titan for Excel
  1. Select the Continue button. The Form Titan tab is added to the right of the spreadsheet.

You must have a Titan username and password.

Titan Excel Composer screen
Titan Excel Composer screen
  1. Select Let’s Start. The Sign in screen opens.
  2. Type your email (username) and password in the relevant fields and select the Sign In button. You may have to verify CAPTCHA images.
Sign In screen
Sign In screen

If your email is associated with a few accounts, please select the account by selecting a radio button and then select the Sign In button.

You are now signed in to the Form Titan Word add-in.

FormTitan signed in
FormTitan signed in
  1. Build your template with Salesforce fields. The options are as follows:

You will also receive an email notification that your account was used to sign in. You don’t have to do anything unless you don’t recognize the activity.

You can choose not to receive the notification emails:

  1. Browse to My Account on Titan.
  2. Under Profile, uncheck the option “Email me every time my account is logged into,” and you will no longer receive the notification email.

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