Shuffle Questions

Business Background

Shuffle the questions per survey to ensure that each survey taker receives a different-looking survey, for instance, if you want to use the survey as a test.

Titan Solution

Titan Survey lets you shuffle the survey questions to create a unique survey for each survey taker in a few easy steps.

How to Video

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How to Guide

It is possible to shuffle the questions in a survey.

  1. Click on the Gear button to open the Project settings.
  2. Click on the Survey option.
Shuffle Questions Toggle Switch for Salesforce Survey
Shuffle Questions Toggle Switch
  1. Shuffle the Questions toggle switch to switch it on. A warning message is shown.
Shuffle Question Warning Message for Salesforce Survey
Shuffle Question Warning Message

The question flow option is no longer enabled when you use the Shuffle Questions option.

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The Configure references option for Slides under Advanced Mode on a text field is also disabled:


Click on a text field > Gear icon > Text Settings > Advanced toggle switch > Custom HTML screen > Insert Field button

Slide references available (Shuffle Questions are off) for Salesforce Survey
Slide references available

Compare the image below where the Slide Questions are on:

Slide references not available (Shuffle Questions are on) for Salesforce Survey
Slide references not available

The order of the question slides is randomized, and each survey taker will receive the questions in a different order. The answers are pushed to Salesforce in the order that the survey takers completed the survey.

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