Dynamic Translated Picklists

Business Background

In Titan Survey, you can easily translate dynamic picklists in Salesforce and reach global audiences in just a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • Use Titan Survey to add dynamic picklists from Salesforce to survey elements in order to pull live Salesforce data into your survey.
  • This enables your business to bring dynamic data from Salesforce into select and multi-select lists, radio questions, button groups, and much more.
  • Automatically populate your Survey with objects you have created in Salesforce, and have responses synced in real-time.

How To Video

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How To Guide

Add a picklist to a survey.

  1. Click on the settings option and click on the Tools option.
  2. Enable the Translation gear button and click on settings. The Translations Settings screen opens.
Tools option screen
Tools option

Set the survey language as a default.

  1. Select a language from the Translations Settings screen.
  2. Click on the Add language button.
  3. Click on the Salesforce option and click the Apply button. The Select Language option shows on the screen.
Translations Settings screen
Translations Settings screen
  1. Click on the Salesforce option and select the Picklist option from the Salesforce Integration screen.
  2. Set the mapping and click on the Apply button.
Salesforce option screen
Salesforce option
  1. Select the Dynamic Values radio button and click on the Sync from Salesforce button.
  2. Select a Salesforce object from the drop-down list and click on the Apply button.
  3. Select the picklist from Select a filed drop-down list.
Sync from Salesforce button screen
Sync from Salesforce button
  1. Edit the Picklist the Map Salesforce screen opens.
  2. Click on the Advanced option and enable the Translate content to another language option.
  3. Select an option from the Translate content to another language drop-down list.
  4. Enable the Cache Translation option and click on the Apply button.
  5. Click on the Save button and click on the Preview button.
Advance option

Make sure to select a language you want to translate to from the Select Language option. See the translated language preview screen below.

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