September 1st, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Components: Logic of Components

You can now save the logic inside components. However, components are available across projects, and the mapping on elements outside the saved component that affects elements on the inside or mapping on elements inside the component that affects elements on the outside will be lost when a component is saved. Read more about Components.

Device Layouts: AI Responsiveness

We improved the Responsive settings by adding device fluid width and auto-scale options. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

Our team improved how the SmartV elements are displayed.

The video on a strip didn’t display on iPhones. We fixed this.

Our team resolved an issue with the validation on the repeated strip and repeated container. 

We fixed a number of small UI inconsistencies related to device size. 

Padding is now available in the messages styling category. 

We updated the custom modal and multistep container. 

The date modal now opens correctly when embedded in an iframe. 

We fixed a bug and SmartV will now continue to work when cookies and local storage are disabled

We resolved the issue where the picklist and select fields were resetting the pagination of form elements. 

Titan Docs

Our team improved how the login screen displays for the Word Add-In. 

An error is now displayed when exceeding the docgen limit.

We fixed an issue with specific versions of Word not loading the sign-in page

Titan Sign

The draft document is now hidden when using multiple signers on a single device. 

Titan Platform

Our team improved the UI and UX on the Cases screen.

Our team applied a cosmetic change to the expiration email.

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