November 17th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Difference Viewer Widget

Compare the values in similar fields in a Salesforce object or the same fields in different records with the Diff Viewer widget. Read More

Emails - Where Used

We added the option “Where used” to the Kebab icon on the Configure Project Email Settings screen. Click this option to see where the email is being used.

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Bug Fixes

Titan Web

A form with hide/show conditions in a stepper with auto-resize height and no minimum height didn’t resize as expected. Our team resolved this issue.

When configuring a date, time, or date/time input in a column on a power table, an error occurred. This was fixed.

We added Message translation support a few weeks ago. It’s now supported on the CSV file as well.

We fixed a bug where the chart details didn’t show correctly when the size of the screen displaying the chart was changed.

There was a styling error on the tracker element that affected the height and border. This was resolved.

There was a bug where the elements on a form couldn’t be locked. We fixed that and added the Lock icon to the layer list to indicate that the element is locked.

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We implemented an email rate limit of 20 emails in 60 seconds. Rate limiting is used to restrict traffic on a server.

A persistent drawer was below the page header. Now the drawer is in line with the header.

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The file viewer element unexpectedly crashed. This was fixed.

You can now map and remap global and page variables from repeated strips.

A user can now edit the date/time format on an editable time/date field in a power table.

There was a bug on a power table with quick update and partial rendering. This was fixed.

A bug occurred on the translation functionality when switching between two languages. This was fixed.

We fixed a number of issues that affected a power table with subcomponents. For instance, when editing the mapping of a power table with a subcomponent, the subcomponent’s tag was renamed with the power table’s column name.

We made sure that all the articles linked to the support link on the Address Finder Settings screen are correct.

Exporting a power table to a CSV file didn’t work correctly in Firefox and Safari. We fixed this.

Our team fixed a bug on the quantity counter.

A bug associated with the custom focus functionality that affected project styling was resolved.

The errors that occurred when generating Auto PDF for SAP were fixed.

Titan Sign

We fixed a bug on the Sign Wizard.

Titan Ecommerce

We made improvements to the Shipping feature. It is now possible to hide the Payment Address form.

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We added the element “Cart Items HTML” that can be added to the email body. The products in the cart will be displayed in a table format.

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Titan Platform

When redirecting to the My Submissions page before having logged on to Titan, the user was redirected to the Dashboard instead when the log-in was successful. Our team fixed this, and a user will now be redirected to the My Submissions page.

You can now search for a project using the ID from the project URL.

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