May 3rd, 2024

New Features

Titan Web

File Upload Element - Accessibility Improvement

We improved the accessibility of the file upload element. The View and Delete icons are now visible when the Accessibility mode is switched on. Read more about the View List File Menu.

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

Mapping a condition in a Word template using the repeat variables from a Web project didn’t work correctly. We fixed it.

When elements had very long labels, these labels were illegible when conditions were configured. We resolved this cosmetic UI issue.

We identified an issue that occurred on a power table with inline editing enabled. When multiple rows were selected, some fields could not be edited. Our team fixed this.

The text wrap functionality for the drop-down element was improved: Labels are wrapped to show long names on multiple lines, both in regular and accessibility modes.

When the Accessibility mode and Custom Focus were enabled on a project with a repeat auto-fit container, the focus was not on the correct file upload element after a file was uploaded. We resolved this issue.

When Accessibility mode is on, the Enable Clear Icon option on a drop-down element is no longer visible.

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Learn more about drop-down settings.

The auto-resize on an IFrame for mobile device layouts didn’t display the SmartV login screen as expected. Our team fixed this.

A problem was identified where the gradient opacity couldn’t be changed, and the gradient angle was always reset to 90 degrees, regardless of the actual value. We implemented a fix.

Our team addressed a bug that occurred when an Affected Element condition didn’t run when the text on a form was changed.

Some fields were displayed outside the form when columns were deleted in a populated form. This was incorrect, and the software was updated to resolve the issue.

Titan Sign

When the Independent mode was used, one of the signers could save the document as a draft. This was not supported, and we removed the Save as Draft option for Independent mode.

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