May 19th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Stacked (Side) Chart - Show Total Stack Value

The Show Total Stack Value option is available for the Stacked Chart and Stacked Side Chart elements. Decide what you want to see on the chart. You can show or hide the total stack value. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The size for interactive Doc Gen fields didn’t display as expected. This was fixed.

Our team fixed a bug where the tab order on an element inside a container didn’t work correctly.

The Interactivity option “Force LTR” didn’t correctly move the elements to the left. Our team fixed this.

We don’t support the Interactive option “Validation Icon Status” for rich text area elements.

We fixed styling issues on the two-sided section container.

We fixed a bug on the map interactivity when adding a condition.

When adding a text field element to a form element, the default size will be 270 pixels and not 100%. The element will fit the form cell size if the cell size is smaller than 270 pixels.

We fixed a styling bug on the label font of the file upload element.

The icon and color on the capture widget didn’t change as expected. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug on the styling of the container overlay.

Due to a bug, an element was shown twice on the Layer List. This was fixed.

A bug on modals didn’t load Salesforce Gets as expected. This was fixed.

We have resolved a bug related to the Interactivity option “Allow Autosuggest” (for Dynamic and Static) for drawer and custom modal elements when used with text field elements.

We fixed a bug on some older iPhone models that didn’t send an email as intended on Salesforce Action nodes.

We made a small cosmetic UI change on the Dropdown Settings screen.

We fixed a bug on a power table with a picklist with translated values when multiple options were selected and updated.

We fixed styling bugs on the Stripe widget.

We made a cosmetic UI change to the Themes screen.

Our team has successfully resolved an issue that emerged whenever a Salesforce Push was accompanied by an After Finish action.

We fixed a bug on stacked charts that didn’t bring the correct data from Salesforce.

It appears that there was an issue with the ftSetValueByID function, as it could not set values for text or text area elements that were hidden.

We found a bug that occurred when Access Control was switched on without configuring it for the SmartV configuration. To fix this, we have implemented a validation process prohibiting users from switching Access Control on without proper configuration.

We fixed a bug where the “Hide Onload” option for an element in a repeat autofit container wasn’t working.

An Every Time action on a specific project where a condition to run a toast was configured and then switched off still ran the toast. Our team fixed this.

Some iPhone devices were not displaying interactive signatures on interactive documents, but this issue has now been resolved.

Titan Survey

We made a cosmetic UI change to the Themes screen.

We fixed a cosmetic UI bug on the input layer.

There was a bug on a survey with the “Save and resume” functionality switched on where the radio button selections were not saved. Our team fixed this.

Please note: You have to install the latest package of the software.

Titan Sign

When configuring a Salesforce object, the Salesforce Configuration screen had an error when viewing on a small screen resolution. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug that occurred on the radio button element in RTL projects.

The Independent mode that generates a Sign URL for all signers didn’t work correctly for Salesforce Signers. This was fixed.

Titan Flow

There was a bug where nodes couldn’t be moved after a change was made to a node. Our team fixed this.

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