July, 7th, 2023

New Features

Titan Sign

Multiple Signers on Single Device

You may have multiple people that must sign a document using a single device. Now each signer can sign the fields assigned to them on that same device using the same session. Read More

Pinch Zoom and Legacy Zoom

We have enhanced the zoom functionality for mobile devices. We added the pinch in and out operation, where the user zooms in and out on the document by pinching their fingers on the screen. This is the default zoom method.

If you don’t want to use this functionality, click the Legacy Zoom checkbox under Optimization. The user can use the toolbar on the side of the screen to zoom the document. If the user pinch zooms on a document with Legacy Zoom on, the browser, and not the document, zooms.

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Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We fixed a bug where a project with SSO and LWC permissions returned an empty picklist if a user who didn’t have permission to metadata logged in with a Salesforce session.

There was a bug on a document with interactive fields in a table where a field could not be clicked, especially on mobile devices. If a user were to zoom in on the document, the interactive fields didn’t resize as expected. The font of the signature button couldn’t be styled. These bugs were fixed.

The layer list didn’t show all the elements when a smaller device layout was selected. Our team fixed this.

The tooltip on drawers and modals didn’t work correctly and was fixed.

We added “shadow” and “padding” to the element and project styling for input elements.

A bug occurred on an Android device when a bulk sign link was signed and sent. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug where the condition on a radio button on a form with “Partial render” didn’t work as expected.

An error message was shown when a condition was saved to the library, and the system incorrectly validated that there was no condition after the Start node. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug on the payment Push functionality for Credit Guard payments.

We made significant improvements to the quality and display of interactive documents.

Titan Docs

There was an error that occurred when inserting fields from an SAP environment using the Titan Word add-in. This was fixed.

We enhanced the Word add-in to map fields in a repeat autofit container for the integration with SAP.

Titan Sign

We improved the layout of an RTL document on a mobile device. We also enhanced the zoom options and fixed the position of the buttons.

We fixed a bug that affected the zoom percentage on mobile devices and didn’t fit the contents to the device’s size.

The company signature didn’t work as expected when placed in the document footer. This was fixed.

We improved the quality of PDF documents for mobile devices.

Input fields were duplicated on a document with dynamic length. Our team fixed this.

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