February 24th, 2023

New Features

Titan Docs

FT Generate Document – Edit Option

Add a personal touch to the document using the FT Generate Document button in Salesforce before you send it. Read More

Titan Flow

Use Titan Vision AI with Titan Flow

Titan Flow possesses robust capabilities to read documents and pictures and extract typed or handwritten data from them using Titan Vision AI. Read More

Titan Platform

Submissions Settings

Submissions allow administrators to map values to content versions per each type.  Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

A repeated strip unexpectedly affected the address finder. This was fixed.

The stepper element didn’t resize correctly. Our team resolved this.

We fixed a bug on autofit containers with text elements where the width didn’t adhere to the settings.

An action outside a strip affected all the strips. Our team fixed this.

We removed irrelevant label fields from chart elements.

We fixed cosmetic UI bugs on the styling functionality.

We fixed cosmetic UI bugs on the styling functionality.

The translation bug that occurred on certain survey elements was fixed.

We fixed a bug on the value rule and mandatory settings for date fields.

When adding a value in the Tab Order field for the lookup element, the element disappeared unexpectedly. Our team resolved this.

A bug caused a validation on a button to freeze a page. We resolved this.

We fixed a bug on the map element.

A bug occurred when adding a tab element to a canvas with a strip and a repeated strip. The coloring of the two strips behaved unexpectedly when dragging the tab element over the repeated strip and changing the size of the tab element. Our team resolved this.

We made cosmetic UI changes and styling fixes to the phone number element.

The text in an autofit container in repeated columns overlapped the neighboring column. This was fixed.

When generating an auto PDF with a file upload, the file was not shown. This was fixed.

We added the missing rating, star rating, yes/no, and image choice survey elements to Translation.

We made a change to ensure that all input elements have the same default width.

We changed and improved the switcher element’s settings and styling functionalities.

An auto-fit container with a global class didn’t resize when some content was hidden. Our team resolved this issue.

Adding a column tooltip to a power table broke the table styling. This was fixed.

We added the option to change the spacing between the company name, label and registration numbers on a company signature.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-586.png

We fixed a bug where project fields and parameters were not populated on DocGen.

We optimized the validation of pages with a large number of elements.

We added attributes on the address finder widget to return the apartment or unit number and the building name in an address.

Titan Survey

Our team resolved cosmetic UI issues.

Titan Docs

The Doc Gen Word add-in template didn’t use the configured custom font. This was fixed.

The column conditions in the Word add-in didn’t work correctly for split tables. Our team resolved this.

Titan Platform

We fixed a bug that affected the API count for LiveTrace on Titan Sign.

We fixed a bug that affected the bulk removal of projects from the recovery center.

You can now add Forms and Sign projects to folders. For more information on how to use folders, refer to this article.

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