December 16th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Customizable 403 Page

Users can now customize the forbidden page message. Read more

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We resolved the color style bug for the Power Table. The selected color now displays correctly.

Our team deployed an update to include a translation option for the OK/Cancel buttons for the Date and Time fields.

Users can now access and insert all custom loaders.

Our team updated the power tables to correctly display values.

Users now have translation options for cobrowse pop-up messages.

We resolved the styling bug when changing fill colors for elements.

Our team deployed a fix to display the tooltip pop-ups for widgets.

We resolved the issue with filters on the power table.

Rectified Stripe’s recurring number of payments. Payments are automatically canceled at the end of the period.

Our team deployed an update to ensure the Search Query placeholder text displays correctly with no cropping of text.

We resolved the issue for barcode values, the value now clears on reload or redirect.

Our team updated the error where the parameter of 0 did not pass through using redirect actions.

Updated SmartV login captions, the captions will not clear correctly. The footer no longer displays above the login section.

We fixed the bug related to the height resizer for the text element.

The page loader hide function now works correctly.

Our team updated an issue where added strips did not contain a column when switching to a tablet device.

We removed the option to customize links in the complex elements styling section.

Users can now enable or disable a loading pop-up to display during a virus scan.

We resolved an issue where renaming pages did not update a single page correctly.

The prefix and suffix now display correctly for currency fields.

We added a Finish Action to Flow Rules.

Our team resolved an issue with embedded content displaying incorrectly for repeated column sections.

We fixed the issue regarding the French locale not working correctly.

Our team resolved column issues and improved content display on mobile devices.

Titan Sign

Our team deployed updates that include navigation buttons and restrictions for signers to only sign relevant fields.

Our team improved the rendering of Sign projects on mobile devices.

We deployed a fix for the right-to-left display and translation options.

We resolved the issue with the preview mode.

We improved the user experience when completing the signing process.

Our team updated the label field design.

We resolved the issue with overlapping fields.

Our team deployed a fix for the vertical alignment.

Updated signature style settings.

We improved user experience which includes navigation buttons and mobile display.

Titan Flow

In order to resolve a bug, there is now a 100-file limit for merge files. Any files above the limit will be excluded.

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