Custom Object: WorkFlow Log

What does WorkFlow Log do?

Workflow Log is used for Titan Flow. The WorkFlow Log is used when you have a flow with many steps, and some flows call for actions. These actions on the flow will be described in the WorkFlow Log.

API Name


Page layout

WorkFlow Log Layout

Custom fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
ActionForm_Builder__Action__cPicklistAction occurring on the Flow Step

The values for Action are:
Person, Project, Action, Condition, View, and Group
Email BodyForm_Builder__Email_Body__cRich Text Area(131072)Body of email
Email SubjectForm_Builder__Email_Subject__cLong Text Area(32768)Subject of email
IPForm_Builder__IP__cText(64)IP of whoever is running the WorkFlow
MetaForm_Builder__Meta__cLong Text Area(131072)Contains metadata on Flow
Node IDForm_Builder__Node_ID__cText(64)ID of Node in Titan
Related Person Object TypeForm_Builder__Related_Person_Object_Type__cText(255)Contact Lead/ User Lookups
StatusForm_Builder__Status__cPicklistStatus of the step

The values for this picklist are: Email Sent, Email Viewed, Email Action Clicked, Summary Viewed, Action Sent, and Action Submitted
WorkFlow Logs NameNameAuto NumberAuto Number

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