Custom Object: WorkFlow Field

WorkFlow Field

Used for Titan Flow. Flow nodes in a flow invocation are recorded onto this object.

API Name


Page layout

WorkFlow Field Layout

Custom fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Field IDForm_Builder__Field_ID__cText(64)The field ID in Titan
Field TypeForm_Builder__Field_Type__cText(64)Type of field
Field ValueForm_Builder__Field_Value__cLong Text Area(32768)The field value
FieldID ProjectIDForm_Builder__FieldID_ProjectID__cText(200) (External ID)The ID of the field and project
Project IDForm_Builder__Project_ID__cText(64)The ID of the Project
WorkFlowForm_Builder__WorkFlow__cMaster-Detail(WorkFlow)Master detail relation to WorkFlow, where WorkFlow is the parent

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