Apex Class: TitanSignInstantURL

When to Use this Apex Class?

The TitanSignInstantURL is used when you want to generate an instant URL for Titan Sign. The URL will be saved to a field of your choosing on the triggering record. This class has an invocable method, which can be used by a flow.

What are the Relevant Input Parameters?

This Class has the following input parameters:


  • formHash (string)
  • Pre prepare the document (Boolean)
  • recordId (ID)
  • The api name of the field to save the TitanSign instant url (string)

Where can you access the formHash?

  1. Open any Titan Sign Project and follow the path Document> Settings> Document Access> select the Dynamic option> Salesforce Configuration.
    • Select an object such as Account and choose APEX/ Process builder/ Flow
    • Copy the ftFormHash:
  1. Navigate back to your Salesforce Flow, and paste the ftFormHash into the relevant field under the New Action for Form_Builder_TitaSignInstantUrl:
formHash for TitanSignInstantUrl

What does this Apex Class Return?

This Apex Class saves an instant URL into the API name of the field to save the TitanSign instant url.

Does this Apex Class have any Limitations?

This Apex Class has the following limitations:

  • The TitanSign instant url, must be a 1024 Long Text Area or more.

Can this Apex Class be used by Titan Customers?

Yes, customers can interact with this Apex Class.

How to Video

Get an Instant URL for your Titan Sign Document:

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