Apex Class: TitanSignWizardURL

When to Use this Apex Class?

This class can be used via flow, or apex, to return the URL of the Wizard with pre-populated data such as the recordId, document, email template, signers, and collaborators (for CLM). Anything that is set to True when configuring Flow will be set as True in Sign Wizard.

What are the Relevant Input Parameters?

The following input parameters are relevant to this Apex Class (invocable method):


  • Wizard Type

Not Required:

  • Document Language (string).
  • Email templateID (ID).
  • file or attachment ids (a list of IDs).
  • Record Id (a single ID).
  • Signers (Apex defined and of the TitanSignWizardUserStructure class).
  • CLM collaborators (Apex defined and of the TitanSignWizardCollaboratorStructure class).

What does this Apex Class Return?

This Apex Class returns a URL.

Does this Apex Class have any Limitations?

This Apex Class has the following limitations:

  • Wizard Type: Sign, CLM, DocGen, Full
  • CLM collaborators: Collaborator Type can be owner/ editor/ comments. Only one owner per document.
  • Document Language: he/iw/en
  • File or attachment ids: This is a file and list of attachment IDs. (When using CLM only ONE docx file can be used).

Can this Apex Class be used by Titan Customers?

Yes, customers can interact with this Apex Class.

Flow and Sign Wizard Settings

When configuring your Apex Actions in Titan Flow, any field set as True will be automatically reflected in Sig Wizard.

Titan Sign Wizard Apex Actions configuration window
Titan Sign Wizard Apex Example
Document Settings set as True according to Flow configuration
Document Settings Example

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