October 20th, 2023

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We applied an update so modals open on top of one another correctly.

If a hide action is triggered from a repeat column, the strip will be hidden.

We added support for Interactivity actions for Repeat Autofit Containers when inside Native Modals. 

We added support for the Datetime attribute from the Credit Guard API.

We have added support for the translation of messages triggered from various action flows.

We resolved an issue when passing values from a rep strip that was previously hidden.

We fixed an issue where you could not clear the Region or Language settings from the Google Map API configuration.

The issue where the drop-down filter function did not work on Android devices was resolved.

We fixed a bug where the autofit container displayed wider than its actual size.

Updates were made to the footer display when manually setting up device layouts.

Titan Sign

We fixed issues that occurred when generating a document link.

We added Accessibility improvements for Titan Sign by adding a focus on the Logo and readability of the final success message

Titan Ecommerce

We made an update to ensure the coupon discount line will only display upon checkout if it is enabled in commerce settings.

We made general cosmetic UI updates. 

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