Release Notes for October 14th, 2022

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We made cosmetic UI changes to the styling options for power tables.

There was a bug that caused the Scheduler widget to crash when adding Date type fields. We fixed this.

Our team fixed a bug that occurred in the Safari browser where the links to user guides disappeared under the Tools option on Project Settings.

There was a bug that occurred in the Firefox browser that showed the incorrect link from a power table. This was fixed.

We added action options to the and Stripe payment nodes for successful payments and payments that failed.

The post-payment actions for Stripe and payment methods didn’t work as expected. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug that occurred in an IFrame in a power table.

We fixed a number of bugs on power tables that affected the following:

  • card mode
  • tooltips and scrolling
  • filtering, sorting, and grouping

We added the Personalized label option that was available on the SmartV functionality to Single Sign On (SSO). On the Configure SSO screen, you can bring the values from the Identity Provider with whom you are doing the SSO. Now you can also add the Personalized label.

We made cosmetic UI changes to the Scheduler widget.

The font family styling didn’t affect the “No Data Found” message for lookup field elements. This was fixed.

Our team fixed an issue where the power table header row style did not apply when selected from the project style option.

We fixed a bug where the Add Row Before option in a power table added the row in an incorrect position.

Our team fixed a bug where the Record ID was not returned to the project on successful payment when configuring Stripe or

We added the option to translate the fields that the user adds on the Sign In page in SmartV.

We added a scrollbar to the Pages drop-down list. You can also scroll to the bottom of the list using the mouse scroll wheel.

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There was a bug that occurred in a power table when a column with conditions was deleted. The conditions of the remaining columns were affected. We fixed this.

Our team fixed a bug where the header on the Registration page was hidden on the Layer List but was still shown on the web page.

We made cosmetic changes to the My Submission screen.

We added a Debug button to the SmartV preview page.

There was a bug in power tables with a card mode subcomponent that displayed a big white space with no data. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug in the file viewer element that didn’t behave as expected.

We continuously add support page links to functionalities on our products.

We made performance enhancements that affected a very large page with multiple input elements syncing from Salesforce.

We added font styling options to the drop-down item in a power table.

When calling an FTP action from Titan Flow in a Web project, the file was uploaded, but the upload screen didn’t stop spinning, making it appear that the file didn’t upload. This was fixed.

We added styling to different filter fields on a power table.

We fixed a bug that affected the sizing of an element in the global class.

We improved the auto-positioning of new action nodes. Added nodes will no longer be placed on top of the first node but distributed and spaced clearly.

When getting a full address from Salesforce to a text field, an incorrect value was shown. Our team fixed this bug.

We made a small cosmetic UI change on the styling screen for input fields on power tables.

There was a bug that occurred when the ID of a step in a stepper was changed. The elements in the step then disappeared and the default setting was removed. Our team fixed this.

There was a bug on the SSO Mapping screen where long labels didn’t display properly. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug on a two-sided element where a parent page incorrectly showed in the background when a modal was opened from the two-sided element.

There were resizing bugs on the tabs element for specific tabs that were fixed.

We added a restriction of 30 Mb when uploading images to a webpage. If you attempt to upload a big image, there is a warning message that the maximum file size is limited to 30 Mb.

We add the template name by default to the Label field when generating a document to ensure that the drop-down list is populated. You can edit the label.

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We fixed several issues with running conditional logic on elements inside a repeat strip.

There was a bug in a repeat strip: after the Salesforce GET, the conditional logic was only working on the first strip and didn’t work for the rest of the repeated items. Our team fixed this.

We changed the UI of a regular table’s filtered columns and we added translation for the word “Filter”.

We fixed a bug that occurred when making each tab a different size when it had elements inside.

Titan Forms

We fixed a bug that occurred when changing the custom email message under Element > Basic > Edit Custom Email.

The project tab incorrectly stated Titan Web instead of the Titan Forms project name. This was fixed.

We removed the option to add page variables to a project. You can only add project variables.

Titan Survey

We fixed a cosmetic UI issue for the star rating element.

We made a cosmetic UI change to the Search field for slide questions.

We made cosmetic UI changes to the Search Question slide screen.

There was a bug on the color styling of the CES question element. This was fixed.

Titan Docs

We added the system date to documents being generated from the FT Generate button in Salesforce.

Titan Sign

There was a bug where the document reviewer wasn’t displayed in the wizard. We fixed this.

We fixed an issue where a RTL Sign document was not centered on a mobile device.

Titan Flow

We fixed the faulty URL formatting that was sent to Salesforce from the Amazon S3 integration.

Titan Platform

When a user logged on as a power user for the first time, the dashboard didn’t load the projects and counter data. This was fixed.

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