November 4th, 2022

New Features

Titan CLM

Track Comments on CLM

We added the functionality to track all comments and replies in the Titan Tracking functionality in Salesforce. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We made some improvements to the address finder widget.

There was a bug that showed the default value of a circle slider in a hidden repeat strip. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug on SmartV where a condition ran twice instead of just once.

We fixed a cosmetic issue that occurred when selecting the Open Sans font family.

When adding a new record to a modal using a lookup element, the modal will close automatically.

There was a bug that occurred when trying to import multiple custom fonts to a web project. We fixed it.

When hiding the contents of cells in a power table using conditions, the rows and borders were also hidden. We fixed this.

When duplicating a project with unsaved changes, a notification will pop up to prompt the user to save any changes.

We fixed a bug on the dynamic profile image from Salesforce on the SmartV Profile page.

There was a bug where the option Custom Ellipses overrode the Read More option, and the Read More option was not clickable. This was fixed.

We fixed an issue that occurred using our Search in a Page widget. It didn’t do focus on the search result on the page.

We made cosmetic changes to the SmartV Value Rules settings screens for the Login and Profile options.

We have added an option in power table columns to show/hide the clear icon for the field. We also added a table interactivity action to add clear icons to the table or column.

There was a bug in the custom merge functionality on cells in forms. We fixed this.

Titan Survey

We made cosmetic UI changes to the Add Slide screen.

Titan Docs

We adjusted the new Swiss barcode (invoice) to truncate long addresses (more than 70 characters) and add a space for two-line addresses.

A space in a PDF file name was configured incorrectly when the document was sent using the FT Generate Document button in Salesforce. This was fixed.

Titan CLM

The filename didn’t automatically populate the Document Name field on the CLM builder. Our team fixed this.

We added the following fields to the Titan Sign Document in Salesforce for CLM and Sign:

  • Collaborator Status
  • Signing Status
  • Number of Collaborators.

Titan Sign

The filename didn’t automatically populate the Document Name field on the Sign builder. Our team fixed this.

Titan Platform

We made changes to the Titan Dashboard > My Account > Users > Collaborators functionality.

We made a cosmetic UI change to the Switch User screen. The environment name can now be seen.

When opening a case using the Titan Bot, there was a bug when trying to select the case type. This was fixed.

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