February 2nd, 2024

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We fixed a bug that affected the minimum, maximum, and step values for the X- and Y-axes for line charts.

Our team resolved an issue that occurred when adding an on-click action to the Actions Flow: new elements were not saved to the project history, and the Undo button didn’t work.

When using a string variable to map the power table selection count to a text element, the power table flickered when selections were made.  We resolved this.

Our team fixed a bug where a currency field with column formatting that included a $-sign or a comma could not be pushed to Salesforce.

The filter on a drop-down list is automatically disabled when the mobile device layout is used. When the filter was enabled, it didn’t work as expected. Our team resolved this issue, as well as a similar bug that occurred on a multi-select picklist element.

We fixed a bug that affected a power table with a sub-component with the options to auto grow and auto resize height enabled that didn’t display the data correctly.

The accessibility on an iPhone didn’t work for drop-down lists, as no selection could be made. This was resolved.

Following Google Chrome’s latest update, scrollbars throughout the entire product were fixed.

Titan Survey

We resolved a bug where the incorrect value was sent to the response object.

The status and responses of some surveys didn’t show the correct JSON value. This was fixed.

Sending a test email when distributing the survey caused an error. Our team fixed this.

When mapping dynamic data to a text field from a custom Salesforce object, it was not possible to map another field. Also, when adding a custom Salesforce object field to the email header, there was an error when publishing the survey. We resolved these issues.

Titan Docs

We fixed a bug where the repeat custom variables for the strip and the auto-fit container were not available in the Word add-in for a section and a table.

Inserting an inline section using the Word add-in didn’t have the desired outcome. Our team fixed this.

Titan Sign

We have made improvements to the radio button element to ensure that the alignment is consistent on the builder, the generated document, and the final signed document.

The signature date that was pushed to Salesforce was an hour behind the actual time. We fixed this bug.

Our support team resolved a bug where the “Document Loading” message prevented the document from being submitted.

Titan Platform

We added the Help functionality for editors.

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Titan Files

The condition values from a Salesforce Get were not returned correctly. This was resolved.

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