December 23rd, 2022

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We resolved the issue where deleted rules were still running.

We deployed a fix to resolve page resizing issues.

Our team remedied the issue with the Drawer scroller.

The custom modal now displays correctly with no text cut-off.

We resolved the bug with container resizing.

Our team updated the search and clear icon labels.

Tooltips and labels for the Switcher and Dropdown were updated.

We resolved the issue with the styling of Date Range icons.

Our team improved the styling options to include responsive padding for mobile devices.

Our team resolved the bug with the custom javascript editor.

We resolved the issue when deleting the access control page.

Our team fixed the bug that affected how captions are updated for the scheduler.

The Yaad Payment method was updated to resolve the value display.

We removed the repeated Margin option from the Slide element.

Our team updated the style options for the Radio Button.

We added Salesforce push and email options for document generation settings.

We deployed a fix to improve the Thank you screen.

Our team resolved the issue regarding reducing the strip size.

We fixed the parent container resize issue.

The label for the responsive padding for mobile devices was updated.

Our team added the Hide Asterisk option for the Address Finder widget.

The bug affecting text group element styling was resolved.

The bug affecting the accordion resizing of strips and columns has been resolved.

Our team removed the Label Style menu from the Radio button.

The styling panel for the Radio field now functions correctly.

We resolved the issue with the modal size and inner modal placement.

Our team removed button alignment from project level styling.

The Input variant styling option was removed for the Slider element.

We removed the Primary property for Rich Textarea and Signature.

Our team resolved the issue with custom modal content being cut off.

We applied a fix to resolve the styling issues with the MultiSelect Picklist.

Our team improved the translation tool.

We fixed the issue with Auto PDF only capturing the first step for a stepper element.

Our team resolved the slow load issue with repeat columns.

Our team removed the erroneous semicolon displayed in page variables when in debug mode.

Titan Forms

The bug that caused onload actions to not save has been resolved.

Titan Docs

Our team improved the download to docx. The font used will be the same as the template.

Our team added buttons to the doc gen builder.

Titan CLM

We resolved the issue with system fields not working when generating a document.

Our team updated the issue with the document display.

Titan Sign

Our team deployed an update to resolve issues when creating new projects from a Salesforce flow.

We deployed an update to resolve the RTL input fields.

Our team resolved the view issue on mobile devices.

The bug affecting the image render on a static document was resolved.

Our team resolved the checkbox rendering issue when it is unchecked.

Titan Flow

Our team improved the flow process by updating the User Interface.

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