December 22nd, 2023

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The Quantity Counter and SmartV OTP Form elements are now available when creating a custom tab order.

We fixed a bug to resolve the file upload element not displaying correctly in a modal when sending an email file attachment.

The bug causing a hidden repeated strip to display was resolved.

We fixed an issue that occurred when deleting the layout for one page affected the other project pages.

We resolved an issue that prevented the styling of icons in a button group.

You can now set focus on the input field for the OTP widget.

The bug affecting the auto-focus feature has been updated, users will now be automatically moved to invalid fields on a repeat strip.

We fixed a bug that affected the string variables not functioning properly for a repeat strip.

The bug causing the persistent drawer to not display correctly on a tablet (L) device was resolved.

We fixed the bug that caused the scrolling function to not work after changing the zoom percentage.

The bug affecting the power table input field conditions to not function correctly was fixed.

The auto-validation rules for the email field were updated to accept underscores before the @ symbol when inputting an email address.

Titan Survey

The bug affecting specific slides not auto-resizing was resolved.

Titan Sign

We resolved the issue affecting signatures not displaying correctly.

Improved UI display for input fields.

The bug that caused empty template listings to display in the document generation list was fixed.

Titan Flow

Settings that were relevant to Web only have been removed from the project settings menu.

The bug affecting the submissions action was resolved.

Titan Platform

We resolved an issue causing an API warning message to display for unmetered accounts.

Hidden Title