December 15th, 2023

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We resolved several issues that affected the stepper container.

  • The strip didn’t resize with the stepper element.
  • The value rule validation focused on the incorrect step.
  • When the stepper was inside a modal, the controls didn’t respond correctly when elements were shown and hidden.
  • When the stepper was saved as a component and used in another project, not all the elements from the original project were available.

There were multiple bugs on a tab container.

  • The container didn’t resize correctly according to the element in it.
  • The scroll action didn’t work as expected when the tab container was inside a standard or responsive modal or a page modal.
  • The validation action didn’t work correctly when the project was opened on a mobile device.

We added a Search field to the Tab Order Wizard.

There is a new file size caption available on the File Uploader which can also be translated.

There are now styling options for categories and sub-categories for the commerce Page Drawer.

A bug related to the values of lookup & radio fields in repeat strips was resolved.

Issues relating to the multistep element including resizing and adding elements were resolved.

Amended an issue that blocked the form 1.0 elements from being added to the project.

A bug relating to the reordering of subfolders and links was resolved.

We improved the functionality of the ‘Table Interactivity’ node when working with Power Table sub-components.

The default width for embed and iframe code is now 100%.

The issue where you could still interact with the page while in the Action Flow window was resolved.

The bug affecting how the form resizes when using an accordion element was fixed.

We resolved an issue where the data in repeated strips did not populate formula fields.

We deployed an update to amend the sizing issue with strips.

We resolved the issue affecting how the file viewer widget displayed information.

We fixed the bug affecting the button group icons.

The issue affecting the file upload element resetting when a button was clicked on another page was resolved.

Titan Files

Changes can only be made to Titan Files if the Salesforce Flow status is “Draft”.

Titan Survey

We fixed a bug where the back button did not function when distributing a survey anonymously.

We resolved the Error: EmailTemplate VF_COMPILE_ERROR issue when distributing a survey.

Spacing improvements were made to the submit limit page.

Titan Sign

The enhancers view checkbox is now available for sign documents.

Titan Flow

When passing a parameter to Titan Flow and then running a DocGen with a Salesforce Push in Titan Web, the parameter didn’t populate the Push in the template.  Our team fixed this.

You can now configure 3rd party integrations directly in Titan Flow.

Titan Platform

Integration logs are now linked in submissions.

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