August 25th, 2023

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

Make sure that your SmartV configuration is compatible with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. Aria (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) is a set of attributes that can be added to HTML elements to provide additional information to assistive technologies, which helps in making web content more usable and understandable for users with various disabilities. For the SmartV Login settings’ accessibility, you can add the email label.

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When a document was generated from repeated strips, the string formulas weren’t reevaluated, and a custom name could not be set for the file. This was resolved.

The conditions on a power table with formatting on the columns didn’t work as expected. Our team fixed this.

We fixed a bug that occurred on a power table where the quick update on an editable lookup field gave an error.

There was a bug on a Get from a number field in Salesforce where the radio button and button group option were not selected. Our team fixed this.

We fixed style bugs where the shadows on elements were darker on mobile devices. We also resolved issues regarding the accessibility modal and the height of the header on different device layouts.

We improved the SmartV protection for SAP when a user maps values.

We added the option to configure padding for messages on all input fields.

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We fixed a bug where some elements, such as picklists and checkboxes, reset the pagination on form elements.

The multistep interactivity to configure the action on the Next button didn’t work. Our team fixed this.

The validation on a repeated strip with a mandatory static drop-down field didn’t work as expected when a value was selected.

There was an issue where repeated strips, after being reset, were not passing their values to a document. We fixed this.

Titan Forms

If a user has used more than their DocGen quota and tries to trigger document generation from Salesforce, an error will be shown in Logs.

Titan CLM

The option to add an owner to an uploaded document was not available. We fixed this.

Titan Sign

We fixed bugs and made enhancements to the accessibility in Titan Sign.

The “Save as Draft” button will be disabled when there are multiple signers on a single device.

Titan Platform

As Forms 1.0 has been deprecated and support ended on June 1st, 2023, users cannot open new cases for Forms 1.0. Read More

We made sure that the search results will be cleared when the Topic is changed on the Cases form.

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