August 18th, 2023

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We improved the responsiveness of the comparison card widget.

There was a bug that affected the size of a form inside a continual form. Our team fixed it.

We fixed a bug on a power table with pagination and a custom modal that didn’t behave as expected on a mobile device.

We enhanced the rendering of a slow project.

When adding elements to the scroll container, the labels were not shown as expected. Only the last element on the container could be selected. We fixed these issues.

We added support for iOS 11.

We made styling changes on the quantity counter.

Our team resolved issues related to value rules not working as expected on input fields within an autofit container on either a stepper or tab container.

The mapping for a Get integration was incorrectly removed when the translation functionality was added to a picklist element.

We added support for the Salesforce object “Convert Lead.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-118.png

When clicking a checkbox on a form on an iPhone, the buttons at the bottom of the screen didn’t show as expected. Our team fixed this.

The icons on the quantity counter widget were not in the correct places on an RTL project. This was fixed.

Titan Sign

The sign URL could not be sent to signers when the Allow Pre-Generate option was enabled. Our team resolved this.

We resolved issues with element positioning when the document was zoomed to 50% or greater than 100% in the builder. Additionally, we have fixed the problem of elements not loading on iOS 14 and prior versions.

The images in a document didn’t load correctly. This was fixed.

We fixed a problem where converting a Word template to PDF and uploading it to STPF through Titan Flow resulted in a corrupted file.

Titan Ecommerce

We added an option to show the selected category on the categories widgets (built-in and custom) when the ft category variables are filled in the URL.

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