Custom Object: Survey Taker

What does this Custom Object do?

This custom object relates a person or entity to survey distribution and survey.

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Custom Fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Date CompletedTitanSurvey__Date_Completed__cDate/TimeDate Completed by Survey Taker
Date StartedTitanSurvey__Date_Started__cDate/TimeDate Started by Survey Taker
Invitation Expires DateTitanSurvey__Invitaiton_Expires_Date__cDate/TimeThe date the invitation to Survey Taker will expire
Invitation OriginTitanSurvey__Invitation_Origin__cPicklistThe origin of invitation
Invitation Unique URLTitanSurvey__Invitation_Unique_URL__cFormula (Text)The URL of survey invitation
Method of DistributionTitanSurvey__Method_of_Distribution__cPicklistMethod by which survey is distributed
Number of completionTitanSurvey__Number_of_completion__cRoll-Up Summary (COUNT Survey Tracking)Number of times the survey taker completed the survey
Number of loginsTitanSurvey__Number_of_logins__cRoll-Up Summary (COUNT Survey Tracking)Number of logins by survey taker
StatusTitanSurvey__Status__cPicklistStatus of Survey Taker:
– Not Opened
– Not Started
– In Progress
– Completed
– Voided
– Out Of Time
SurveyTitanSurvey__Survey__cLookup (Survey)Lookup (Survey)
Survey DistributionTitanSurvey__Survey_Distribution__cLookup (Survey Distribution)Lookup (Survey Distribution)
Survey ResponseNameAuto Number
Survey ResultTitanSurvey__Survey_Result__cText(255)Result of Survey
Survey ScoreTitanSurvey__Survey_Score__cNumber(6, 2)Survey Taker’s Score
Taker EmailTitanSurvey__Taker_Email__cEmailEmail of Survey Taker
TITAN TakerIdTitanSurvey__TITAN_TakerId__cText(64) (External ID) (Unique Case Sensitive)Titan ID of Survey Taker
TITAN TakerShortIdTitanSurvey__TITAN_TakerShortId__cText(34)Survey short URL
Total DurationTitanSurvey__Total_Duration__cFormula (Number)Duration of survey

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