Custom Object: Survey

What does this Custom Object do?

This custom object describes your Titan Survey.

API Name


Page Layout

Survey Layout

Custom Fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Completed SurveysTitanSurvey__Completed_Surveys__cNumber(18, 0)The number of completed Surveys
Number of AttemptsTitanSurvey__Number_of_Attempts__cNumber(18, 0)Number of attempts per taker
Publicly AvailableTitanSurvey__Share_with_Guest_User__cCheckboxWhether or not the survey is publicly available
QuestionsTitanSurvey__Questions__cRoll-Up Summary Counts the number of Survey Questions
StatusTitanSurvey__Status__cPicklistSurvey Status. The Survey Status can be:
– Draft
– Shared
– Completed
– Cancelled
Survey NameNameText(80)The name of the Survey
Time AllowedTitanSurvey__Time_Allowed__cNumber(6, 2)Time allowed for Survey
Titan SIDTitanSurvey__Titan_SID__cText(255)Unique ID
Titan Survey JSONTitanSurvey__Titan_Sur__cLong Text Area(131072)The Survey JSON
Titan UIDTitanSurvey__Titan_UID__cText(255)Unique ID of Survey
URLTitanSurvey__URL__cText(255)Survey URL
Valid FromTitanSurvey__Valid_From__cDate/TimeSurvey Valid From
Valid ToTitanSurvey__Valid_To__cDate/TimeSurvey Valid to

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