Custom Object: Survey Log

What does this Custom Object do?

This custom object reports issues such as distribution fail. The object provides error information and debugging information.

API Name


Page Layout

Survey Log Layout

Custom Fields

LabelAPI NameData TypeFunctionality
Apex ClassTitanSurvey__Apex_Class__cText(255)Failure destination
Extended MessageTitanSurvey__Extended_Message__cLong Text Area(32768)Extended error message
JSON DataTitanSurvey__JSON_Data__cLong Text Area(131072)JSON Data of failure
LevelTitanSurvey__Level__cPicklistLevel of Failure
MethodTitanSurvey__Method__cText(255)Method of failure
Record IdTitanSurvey__Record_Id__cText(36)Record of failure
Short MessageTitanSurvey__Short_Message__cText Area(255)Short error message
Stack TraceTitanSurvey__Stack_Trace__cLong Text Area(4000)Stack trace of the error

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