Customize the Actions on Document Download

Business Background

The On download action from Titan provides a business the advantage of downloading a document from Salesforce for personal use outside of the system.

Titan Solution

Titan offers to customize the process of downloading a generated document. With this feature, you can set custom actions that will take effect when a Salesforce user downloads a document. For example: update a field on the record, create an audit log or even send an email!

How to Video

  • 0:00 A quick introduction on how to set actions post document download via a Salesforce list view.
  • 0:07 Learn how to download your list view with an updated status in Salesforce with Titan.
  • 0:31 We have an important note on setting up your document generation.
  • 1:08 Watch how to map your Salesforce fields.
  • 2:17 See how to configure the on download action.
  • 2:41 Grasp how to download and process your document.
  • 3:13 Master how to preview Salesforce to verify your document has been downloaded.

How to Guide



  1. Create a form in Word using the Titan add-in. In this example, the form is called Doc 3.
  2. Publish the form (upload the template) to Form.
  3. Open the project in Titan Forms.

Enable Word mapping

  1. Click on Document Generation on the right of the screen. The options list opens.
  2. Click on Word mapping. The options list opens.
  3. Click on the Configure button. The Word mapping screen opens.
Titan Forms project
Titan Forms project
  1. Make sure the Enable Word mapping checkbox is checked.
  2. Click on the Salesforce button. The options list opens.
  3. Click on the Configure button. The Salesforce Button screen opens.
Word mapping screen
Word mapping screen
  1. Make sure that you selected the object (for instance, Contact) and the Map Record ID to Form fields from the drop-down lists.
  2. Click the On download action option. The options list opens.
  3. Click in the Enable on download action checkbox to enable the option.
  4. Click on the Configure button. The Set Salesforce Action screen opens.
Salesforce Button screen
Salesforce Button screen
  1. Select the push or get action from the Process push or get drop-down list.
Set Salesforce action screen
Set Salesforce action screen
  1. Click on the Add button. The action is added to the top of the screen underneath the Salesforce action.
Set Salesforce action screeen
Set Salesforce action screen
  1. Click on the Apply button. You will see the Salesforce Button screen.
  2. Click on the Apply button. You will see the Word mapping screen.
  3. Click on the Apply button.
  4. Click on the Save icon in Forms.

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