Filter Columns in Power Tables

Business Background

Filter columns in power tables with data from Salesforce in Titan Web with no code.

Titan Solution

Titan Web allows your business to filter the columns in the power table populated with data from Salesforce.

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Add and configure a power table.

  1. Select the Power Table element settings Gear icon. The Power Table Settings screen opens.
  2. Select the Columns option.
  3. Select a column and select the Gear icon. The Column Settings screen open.
Columns option
  1. Select the Filter by checkbox to filter items.
  2. Select the Filter by Gear icon to configure the filter. The Configure filter screen opens.
Filter by checkbox
  1. Select the Select UI Control from the drop-down list. The Sort List drop-down list is added.
  2. Use the drop-down list to select ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending). The column will be sorted alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order.
Configure filter screen
Configure filter screen
  1. Select the Apply button.
  2. Close the Column Settings screen.
  3. Save and Preview the project. The column in the power table will now be sorted according to your settings.
Sorted (example)
Sorted (example)

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