May 17th, 2024

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The custom fonts that were added to a project are now available in the Custom HTML editor as well.

Our team fixed an issue where the date/time input fields in a repeated strip didn’t display the correct value in the debug mode.

There was an issue where the focus incorrectly jumped to the top of the form when triggering validation on LWC. This happened in a very specific scenario and we fixed it.

A specific project could not be published successfully. We have corrected the issue.

When an empty item label was set for a drop-down element, it appeared as if it was the default value. This was not correct and a fix was implemented.

Learn more about the empty item.

The software has been updated to resolve an issue that affected tabbing on a file upload element when Accessibility mode was on.

We made further improvements to the text wrap functionality for the drop-down element. Labels are wrapped to show long names on multiple lines, both in regular and accessibility mode.

We added “Now UTC” to the Default Value drop-down list for system variables to get the current timestamp in the UTC time zone.

Learn more about system variables.

It is now possible to translate the Clear Signature tooltip.

An icon in a typography element was clickable despite the fact it is hidden. We resolved this issue.

Titan Forms

Our team fixed an issue where the isChanged attribute was incorrectly set to True in a specific scenario.

We resolved issues that occurred when certain Forms 2.0 projects were displayed on an iOS mobile device when the project was scrolled quickly.

Titan Sign

The drop-down arrow was on the right of the drop-down element on an RTL project. Our team corrected the bug.

We resolved a bug where a document was being submitted without the signatures.

Hidden Title