July 21st, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Ignore Salesforce Validations

You can ignore the validation on Salesforce Get integrations. Read More

Validation Focus

When checking field validation in tab and stepper containers, the focus will be directed to the specific tab or stepper where the first validation error is encountered. For example, if a user enters information in the third step of a stepper containing three steps but leaves mandatory fields empty in the previous steps, the validation will be focused on the first step.

Titan Docs

Word add-on - Preview PDF

You can preview the dynamic PDF version of the template you configure with the Titan Word add-in. Read More

Titan Sign

One Click Sign – Clear Signatures

You can clear a single instance or all the signatures that were added using the One Click Sign functionality. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We enhanced the accessibility for the button, radio, and checkbox elements as well as for modals.

A bug occurred when styles from a CSS class were imported from one to another RTL project. We fixed this.

We made a cosmetic fix for the Attach File icon that wasn’t centered when displayed on an iPhone.

The Loop Value and Loop Index could not be selected when a condition was inserted. Our team fixed this.

Sending an email with an Auto PDF didn’t work as expected. We resolved this issue.

Titan Docs

Our team resolved errors where signature elements were not displaying correctly in the Word add-in preview.

We fixed issues with incorrect tags on new interactive document fields and resolved a checkbox bug.

The formatting in a table created with the Word add-in stopped working. Our team fixed that.

There was a bug in the filter feature for hidden fields as well as an issue with the cell formatting in the Excel add-in. These were fixed.

Titan Sign

We fixed a bug that affected the positions of the signature date interactive element on a document, especially when viewed on different devices.

Radio buttons and checkbox inputs incorrectly moved to the right on an interactive RTL document after it was signed. Our team fixed this.

We fixed issues with the preview and download speed of a custom view document.

We improved the company signature’s font size and line height.

We added the Hebrew date format: day of the month, followed by the month name, then the Hebrew year.

When the document was replaced in the project, the company mode styling was lost. Our team fixed this.

We resolved an issue with the signing feature in Salesforce. If there are several elements assigned to different signers, but the query for the signer returns the same record for multiple signers (such as signers 1 and 2 being the same person), the signer will be able to sign all the relevant elements in the same session.

When opening a lengthy document with several interactive fields, all the fields momentarily appeared on the first page before displaying in their correct positions. Our team corrected this bug.

We fixed issues that occurred when multiple signers had to sign a lengthy document on the same device.

We fixed a bug on the Sign Wizard that affected the console in Salesforce when an interactive element was resized.

A document with Independent Mode caused an error when being submitted. We fixed this.

Titan Platform

We fixed a bug where free license users were getting 1000 DocGens. The DocGen limit for free licenses is 10.

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