Apex Class: Push Notification

When to Use this Apex Class?

This method can be used when you want to send a web push notification to a client. For example, pushing a notification to a contact. This is an invocable method, which can be used in a flow.

What are the Relevant Input Parameters?

This Class has the following input parameters:


  • Notification Auth (string)
  • body (string)
  • title (string)
  • badge (string)
  • Icon url (string)
  • Image url (string)
  • recordId (string)
  • Require user interaction (Boolean)
  • Text Direction (string, available options: ltr and rtl)

What does this Apex Class Return?

This Apex Class returns void.

Does this Apex Class have any Limitations?

This Apex Class has no relevant limitations.

Can this Apex Class be used by Titan Customers?

Yes, customers can interact with this Apex Class.

How to Videos

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